Update on petition for Razily / Mise a jour

The petition has now reached more than 300 signatures since the first signature on May, 1st. We are extremely thankful to everyone who expressed support for Razily. Many of you have inquired about the next steps in obtaining concrete information about missing people in Madagascar. Meetings with international human rights agencies are scheduled for this upcoming week and the petition will be presented to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Office (OHCHR). Keep encouraging people to sign the petition to support Razily as more wide-range efforts to increase awareness of Human Rights violations in Madagascar are underway.

*stat update:

5/5/2009 at 2:24 pm : We just reached 400 signatures on the petition!!

5/7/2009 at 7:30 am: We are now at 560 signatures on the petition. Thank YOU everybody!  You guys are great. Please invite friends/family/everybody you know to keep showing support. And also, join the facebook cause here: http://tinyurl.com/forrazily . Let’s make sure we make the biggest impact ever, since he stood up for us and we definitely can stand up to show our support for him. Together, we can show that we want free speech and democracy in Madagascar.


3 Responses to “Update on petition for Razily / Mise a jour”

  1. 1 dadabe May 16, 2009 at 8:19 am

    Rahampitso 17. Mey dia fetim-pirenena norvezaian, ka samy faly afaka mitondra amin’ny filaharana eny andalana ny saina izay mariky ny fahafahana sy fahaleovantena. Izahay aty antanilavitrta koa no mahita ilay video manambara izay nahazo an’ity lehilahy sahy hitondra ny saina malagasy eo anatin’ny fikorontanana. Toa izay no atahoran’ny miaramila na any Burma izany na aty Madagasikara?

  2. 2 DUFOUR May 8, 2009 at 5:31 pm

    Je supporte la pétition pour Razily et la fin des arrestations arbitraires a Madagascar .
    Il faut que l’ONU et les organisations internationales fassent pression pour que cessent les violations des droits élémentaires à Madagascar.
    C’est une dictature militaire et de quelques politiciens qui s’est installée à Madagascar avec la bienveillance de la France.

  3. 3 lala May 7, 2009 at 12:42 pm

    Bravo Razily, et aussi bravo aux autres personnes qui ont été arrétés à cause de cette crise. Les derniers en date si je suis bien à jour c’est le journaliste de Radio Mada et un medecin directeur d’école.Pour tous ces courageux je n’ai qu’un mot BRAVO!!!
    Concernat Razily j’ai entendu à Ambohijatovo (du temps ou manifester etait autorisé) que Razily et ses amis sont accusés d’avoir volé un drapeau!!!!
    Ce n’est peut-etre pas vrai, sinon ce serait ridicule ,mais le problème c’est que Razily ou sa famille n’ont pas accés à internet.

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Who is Razily:

On March 28, Razily, an unarmed Malagasy man, stood tall as he carried a Malagasy flag, marching towards soldiers during a rally protesting the recent coup in Madagascar. As a shield, he wrapped a schoolbag around his chest. The soldiers fired tear gas at him to deter him from walking any further. Razily continued marching until he was surrounded by soldiers and pushed into the bed of their truck. Another young man who approached the soldiers to inquire about Razily's well being was also pushed into the truck. They have not been seen or heard from since. We are concerned about their well being.


Ony: Razily : je m’incline avec le plus grand respect devant tant de courage et supporte cette pétition. Hitantana ny dianao anie Ny Tompo …/ ================= Ny Andry R: Ils démontrent par leurs actes leurs COURAGES. MISAOTRA RAZILY sy IANAREO NAMANY; Raha mbola velona aina izy ireo ka tafavoaka dia asiana indray ny pétition angatahana ny hanomezana azy 3 mirahalahy ny Grand Croix de 2ème classe , satria izy ireo no mendrika izany mihoatra noho izay nomena izany hatrizay. / =============== LR: "Razily embodied the hope of the silent majority that is neither pro-Rajoelina, nor pro-Ravalomanana, that believe that there is still room for understanding and compromise if we reach out to each other and think of the nation first ( hence the flag). The fact that he marched on undeterred by the bullets around him made a strong impression on many of us. Bloggers have the protection of being behind the computer screen, Razily did not." / ==================== Solofo:"quelles sont les charges contre-lui? (avoir porté un drapeau et avoir osé marcher vers les militaires?); Où est il en detention? A-t-il eu droit à un avocat ou au moins la visite des siens?"