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Razily is free and seen in public for the first time.

As confirmed by multiple  eye witness accounts, Razily is free and was seen in public for the first time. As reported on Fijery blog (fr), it is a tremendous news and a hopeful sign that a peaceful resolution can still be found to the Malagasy crisis.
We are happy for Razily and hope that we can hear his side of the story soon. Unfortunately, we also have to acknowledge that there are still many people missing or awaiting a trial in Madagascar.

We want to thank everyone who signed the petition and committed your name to Razily’s cause. We evidently do not know how much the petition contributed to Razily’s release and in fact, it does not matter much. The only facts that matter are that:

1) Razily is free, safe and sound.

2) many others are still missing or jailed without trial dates.

3) All of you, citizens and friends of Madagascar, contributed to a positive action in a period of Madagascar’s history that is sorely missing in stories to get cheerful about.

So  for that, we are forever grateful to all of  you and more importantly to Razily and his friends.


Update on petition for Razily / Mise a jour

The petition has now reached more than 300 signatures since the first signature on May, 1st. We are extremely thankful to everyone who expressed support for Razily. Many of you have inquired about the next steps in obtaining concrete information about missing people in Madagascar. Meetings with international human rights agencies are scheduled for this upcoming week and the petition will be presented to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Office (OHCHR). Keep encouraging people to sign the petition to support Razily as more wide-range efforts to increase awareness of Human Rights violations in Madagascar are underway.

*stat update:

5/5/2009 at 2:24 pm : We just reached 400 signatures on the petition!!

5/7/2009 at 7:30 am: We are now at 560 signatures on the petition. Thank YOU everybody!  You guys are great. Please invite friends/family/everybody you know to keep showing support. And also, join the facebook cause here: . Let’s make sure we make the biggest impact ever, since he stood up for us and we definitely can stand up to show our support for him. Together, we can show that we want free speech and democracy in Madagascar.

Petition: Concerns for Razily, protester arrested in Antananarivo, Madagascar on March, 28th


Razily surrounded by soldiers photo credit: Radotiana: (

Since their arrest by the soldiers, the flag bearer in the photo, Razily, and his friend have been missing. We are concerned about their well being. We are worried that they may be dead, or in serious condition.

The last confirmed news about Razily is that he and his friend were arrested and removed from the location of the protest. An official announcement by the armed forces states that Razily and acquaintances will be tried for “flag theft”. There has been no further communications about Razily and his friend: no news about their trial, no news about their whereabouts, no news about whether they are dead or alive.

We citizens and friends of Madagascar understand that this is a trying period in the history of the nation. The crisis has been a burden on the lives of many Malagasy citizens, and many lives have already been lost since it began in January. We are also gravely concerned with the escalating disrespect for democracy and freedom of speech in Madagascar.

The purpose of our petition is to express our concern over three issues:

1) The lack of transparency in judicial procedure with respect to political arrests. In the case of Razily and his friend, we urge the security forces to provide updates on their status and provide a reasonable timeline for their trial date as well the many other jailed protesters.

2) The worrisome trend of increasing restriction on freedom of speech in Madagascar, both in the media and during public demonstrations, as stated by Reporter without Borders.

3) The excessive use of firearms and tear gas by armed forces that have already caused many injuries to civilians, particularly children.

We also recognize the substantial strain that the current crisis puts on the fabric of Malagasy society. We implore the transitional government at large to put its best effort forward to encourage a national reconciliation and peaceful behavior from both parties in order to avoid an escalation of the violence.

This petition will be forwarded to the attention of the head of security of the Malagasy transitional government: Cdt Charles Andriantsoavina

Please support the petition by signing in the comment section or vote in the poll anonymously.
Consider sending this petition to your representative
or to the UN secretary General office to encourage the international community to hold political leaders accountable for their actions.

Note: To sign the petition, click here (link goes to comment section).

The petition is also available in Malagasy and in German.
En Français:
Depuis leur arrestation par les militaires, Razily, le porte-drapeau sur la photo ci-dessus et son ami ont été portés disparus. Nous sommes extrêmement inquiets de l’absence de nouvelles les concernant.

Les dernières nouvelles de Razily affirment que lui et son ami ont été arrêtés et emmenés aux quartiers de securité. Une annonce officielle par les forces armées avait indiqué que Razily et son ami seront jugés pour “vol de drapeau”. Il n’y a pas eu d’autres annonces sur Razily et de son ami depuis: pas de nouvelles de leur procès, pas de nouvelles de leur sort, pas de nouvelles pour dire s’ ils sont morts ou vivants.

Nous, citoyens et amis de Madagascar comprennont que le pays vit une période difficile. La crise est un fardeau pour de nombreux citoyens malgaches, et de nombreuses vies ont déjà été perdu depuis qu’elle a débuté en Janvier.
Nous sommes également préoccupés par la progression du non-respect de la démocratie et de la liberté d’expression à Madagascar.

Le but de cette pétition est d’exprimer nos préoccupations face à trois problèmes importants:

1) Le manque de transparence dans la procédure judiciaire en ce qui concerne les arrestations politiques. Dans le cas de Razily et de son ami, nous exhortons les forces de sécurité à fournir des informations publiques sur leurs statuts et de fournir un délai raisonnable pour la date de leur procès ainsi que ceux de nombreux autres manifestants emprisonnés.

2) L’inquiétante tendance à restreindre la liberté d’expression à Madagascar, tant dans les médias que lors de manifestations publiques, comme l’a déclaré Reporters sans Frontières.

3) L’utilisation d’armes à feu et des gaz lacrymogènes par les forces armées qui ont déjà causé de nombreux blessés parmi les civils, en particulier les enfants.

Nous reconnaissons également l’importance que la crise actuelle fait peser sur le tissu de la société malgache. Nous implorons le gouvernement de transition à initier le début d’une réconciliation nationale et d’encourager les actions pacifiques entre les parties rivaux afin d’éviter une escalade de la violence.

Cette pétition sera transmise à l’attention du chef de la sécurité du gouvernement de transition malgache: le Cdt Charles Andriantsoavina

Soutenez cette pétition en ajoutant votre nom dans la section commentaires ou en votant dans le sondage anonyme ci-dessous.
Vous pouvez aussi envoyer cette pétition à votre représentant
ou à la secrétaire de bureau à encourager la communauté internationale à tenir les dirigeants politiques responsables de leurs actes.
Pour signer le document, cliquer ici.

Ce texte est aussi traduit en Malgache et en Allemand

Vonjeo Razily: Amin’ny Teny Malagasy


Hatramin’ny nisamboran’ny miaramila azy dia tsy hita intsony na Razily, izay hita mitondra ity saina eto amin’ity sary ity, na ny namany. Manay izahay ny momba azy. Matahotra izahay sao dia maty izy na voa mafy ny toe-batany.

Ny vaovao farany momba an-dRazily sy ny namany dia hoe ny nisamborana sy nanesorana azy teo amin’ny toerana filaharana. Nilaza tamin’ny fomba ofisialy moa ny tafika fa Razily sy ny namany dia hotsaraina fa “nangalatra saina”. Tsy nisy fanambarana hafa momba an-dRazily sy ny namany : tsy nisy vaovao momba ny hitsarana azy ire, tsy nisy vaovao momba ny hoe nalefa aiza izy, tsy fantatra na maty na velona.

Izahay teratany sy naman’i Madagasikara dia mahalala fa fotoana manahirana amin’ny tantaran’ny firenena izao. Ity korontana ity dia niteraka fahasahiranana ho an’ny Malagasy maro be, ary aina maro no efa nafoy hatramin’ny niatombohan’ity korontana ity tamin’ny volana Janoary. Izahay koa dia manahy ny fiaratsian’ny demokrasia sy tsy fanajana intsony ny fahafahana maneho hevitra any Madagasikara.

Ny anton’ity fakana sonia ity dia ny fanehoana ny tsy fankasitrahanay :

1) Ny tsy fisian’ny mangarahara eo amin’ny fitsarana amin’ny resaka fisamborana politika. Mamporisika ny mpitandro filaminana izahay mba hanome vaovao momba an-dRazily sy ny namany, ary koa mba hanome daty hoe rahoviana no ho tsaraina Razily sy ny namany, ary koa ireo mpaneho hevitra rehetra hafa ka nosamborina.

2) Ny tsy firaharahiana mihamibahana eo amin’ny fahafahana maneho hevitra any Madagasikara, na eo amin’ny filazana vaovao na mandritry ny fihetsiketsehana an-dalambe, araka ny nolazain’i Reporters Sans Frontieres.

3) Ny fampiasan’ny miaramila be loatra fitaovampiadiana ka miteraka ratra eo amin’ny olontsotra, indrindra moa fa ny ankizy.

Mahita koa izahay ny tsindry lehibe apetraky ny korontana eo amin’ny fiarahamonina Malagasy. Mangataka amin’ny governementa tetezamita izahay mba hamporisika ny fiombonana manerana ny nosy sy hetsika milamina avy amin’ny roa tonta mba tsy hisian’ny fitomboan’ny hery setra.

Ity fakana sonia ity dia ho ampitaina amin’ny lehiben’ny fitandroan’ny filaminan’ny Governementa tetezamity : Commandant charles Andriantsoavina.

Miangavy anao hanohana an’ity fakana sonia ity amin’ny fanomezana sonia ao amin’ny faritra fametrahana hafatra na koa ao amin’ny fanisana hevitra.
Hevero ihany koa ny mandefa ity any amin’ny mpisolo vava anao, na any amin’ny biraon’ny Sekretera Jeneralin’ny Firenena Mikambana mba hamporisihana ny firenena hafa mba hitsara ny mpanao politika amin’ny zavatra vitany.

Razily marching on

Support the petition Anonymously

I approve the goal of this petition

Who is Razily:

On March 28, Razily, an unarmed Malagasy man, stood tall as he carried a Malagasy flag, marching towards soldiers during a rally protesting the recent coup in Madagascar. As a shield, he wrapped a schoolbag around his chest. The soldiers fired tear gas at him to deter him from walking any further. Razily continued marching until he was surrounded by soldiers and pushed into the bed of their truck. Another young man who approached the soldiers to inquire about Razily's well being was also pushed into the truck. They have not been seen or heard from since. We are concerned about their well being.


Ony: Razily : je m’incline avec le plus grand respect devant tant de courage et supporte cette pétition. Hitantana ny dianao anie Ny Tompo …/ ================= Ny Andry R: Ils démontrent par leurs actes leurs COURAGES. MISAOTRA RAZILY sy IANAREO NAMANY; Raha mbola velona aina izy ireo ka tafavoaka dia asiana indray ny pétition angatahana ny hanomezana azy 3 mirahalahy ny Grand Croix de 2ème classe , satria izy ireo no mendrika izany mihoatra noho izay nomena izany hatrizay. / =============== LR: "Razily embodied the hope of the silent majority that is neither pro-Rajoelina, nor pro-Ravalomanana, that believe that there is still room for understanding and compromise if we reach out to each other and think of the nation first ( hence the flag). The fact that he marched on undeterred by the bullets around him made a strong impression on many of us. Bloggers have the protection of being behind the computer screen, Razily did not." / ==================== Solofo:"quelles sont les charges contre-lui? (avoir porté un drapeau et avoir osé marcher vers les militaires?); Où est il en detention? A-t-il eu droit à un avocat ou au moins la visite des siens?"